Homely Rentals and privacy

In this privacy statement, Homely Rentals will inform you as to how we handly your personal data..

Privacy is important

We are very serious about privacy and think it’s logical that personal information should be handled carefully and conform to all applicable laws and regulations. We take the necessary care to secure our systems, and keep them safe. We try to have as many safeties against unauthorised use, unauthorised access, edits and unlawful destruction of information.

Processing and collection of data

In line with providing the necessary and best service, it is important that we request and store certain information. This information is stored securely and exclusively for the purposes for which we have requested them.

How long do we store the data?

Homely Rentals stores its collected personal data not longer than necessary or legally obligated to, in line with the purposes to which the data was requested.

Data usage

To provide the best possible service, Homely Rentals uses this information for the following purposes:

  • Ensure that all realtors have an up-to-date overview of all sold properties and properties that have been sold;
  • To advertise such properties to participating advertising sites;
  • Maintain a database, to make it possible to valuate properties, as well as making in possible to get insights into changes of the housing market. This date will be – seen their goal and nature – will be kept indefinitely.

Insight, alteration or deletion of information

In case you want to know what data Homely Rentals has, you can request insight into this, via letter or email. For alteration or deletion of your information, please send us a motivated letter or email. We shall handle your request as soon as possible, unless we are legally required to store the data for a certain amount of time.


In case you still have questions or – in spite of all the care we take in handling your data and privacy-sensitive information – you still have a complaint, please contact us.

Cookie statement

Homely Rentals only uses technical and functional cookies: these are necessary for the technical operation of our website and your ease-of-use. They ensure that the website actually works and (for instance) remember your preferences. Also, we can optimise our website using these cookies: it makes it possible to ‘see’ the surfing habits on our website, thus making it possible for us to optimise our website in those places where people tend to go. You can set up your internet browser as not to save any cookies, as well as deleting all stored cookies. The process depends on what browser you use, and can be found on the internet.


Homely Rentals has the right to change this privacy statement at any time. It is advised to keep an eye on this statement periodically, to keep up with possible changes.